April 25, 2009





  • On a side note, I've been watching a special on kitchen gadgets all afternoon and I think I've fallen in love with the 1950s concepts of a futuristic kitchen...

  • April 20, 2009

    I have four days left in Tuscaloosa, and seven days left in Alabama. Hello, Alaska...here I come...

    April 4, 2009

    Not food related

    This is what I need to do today...

    1. work work work
    2. pack pack pack
    3. buy some boxes
    4. pay my rent
    5. create a new blog for my alaska adventure

    On a side note I've had a small infatuation with pork this week...pork fliets, pork chops...as well as Yazoo beer out of Nashville.

    -Danielleism number 4356: "I'm only drinking beer from the region I'm currently in when I buy the beer. Also three cheers to homebrewing!"

    Response: "Thats not true, you'll sit down and ask for a New Castle"

    February 21, 2009

    Cocktails anyone?

    The best cocktails in town in my opinion are from Surin. Just be prepared to spend ten dollars a drink. Now, if I had decide on which bar offered the best drinks I would suggest Catch 22 - and this is mostly based on their infused vodkas, and well they by far make the best White Russians in town.

    February 15, 2009

    A Few Months Away

    Due April I am moving across the country to Skagway, Alaska. There is a right way, a wrong way, and a Skagway. I wish had the precise dates so I could get my ducks in order, but that will come in suitable time. I am extremely nervous and sentimental. Everything I do in Tuscaloosa turns me into a sappy, emotional mess. I’m going to miss this place. I may return, I never know where this giant mysterious universe will take me. Anyways, I’m going to be working at The Red Onion Saloon, which used to be Skagway’s most exclusive bordello. Rumor has it that Jack London wrote several pages of his novels in the building. The building was built in 1897 by Captain William Moore, the founder of Skagway and opened for business in 1898. If anyone knows anything about me I am drawl to anything having to with gold and silver mining since I grew up near the ghost town Calico. I also have a fascination with sailors and the ports of call. So here goes nothing, I am looking forward to six months of adventure.

    In the meantime Tuscaloosa will turn into my playground and I will enjoy the company of everything and everyone here. Man, I am sure going to miss a lot of things.

    February 12, 2009

    Local Business

    I understand the economy and I see people spending less money, but over here at the Depalma's I still see us on a wait and having parties of 15 come in to eat on a regular basis. I stumbled upon this article concerning the financial future of The Globe, and Epiphany. Let me pull out a few quotes from owner and chef of Epiphany for you, Tres Jackson says:

    "In December you kill yourself, and in January you kind of twiddle your thumbs," he said. "Football season sucked, probably the worst football season I've had in five and a half years".

    -Now let me just say I would never use a quote in an article that said "sucked". That sounds horribly uneducated. I would have said something along the lines of "Though Alabama had a great football season this year, this was the worst business we've seen in awhile". Roll Tide, no? Show a little respect for the city you live in. Depalma's had a great football season, I almost think we were ten times busier than last season. Go figure. I credit this to a better football season, and a couple good home games.

    This quote is from Wilson over at the Globe:

    "Currently, we're hanging on, but we need people to stop being so scared. I know everybody's lost a bunch of money and are freaking out, but my menu's not so expensive it's going to break you," he said. "I think there's a misconception that there's nothing ordinary people can eat, that it's all weird, it's all theater-related."

    -It is NOT a theater related, it is not a themed restaurant actually. Okay, a couple dishes use a play on words with Shakespeare plays, and you have some pictures hanging that relate to theater. I love the building at The Globe, but when I think of theater related restaurants I think of servers with tights and that is not what The Globe has.

    "Tuscaloosa really needs to support its independent restaurants, its restaurants that are different, not the Outbacks and places like that," he said. "Those places are serving you food that comes in a bag, and they microwave it.

    "Tuscaloosa is an odd place. It never really buys in and supports its local restaurants the way Birmingham does. I'm not sure Tuscaloosa people view it that way; they don't see the impact it has on us. If people come in town and want to do really good food, you've got to support 'em."

    -OKAY, now this is important. I LOVE YOU TUSCALOOSA. I think you do support local restaurants. There is not ONE single mention in this article about "our food is great". It is NOT your obligation to eat somewhere because it is locally owned, it is your obligation to eat somewhere with amazing food and great atmosphere. Tuscaloosa will make that decision.

    As far as Cafe Venice goes with new management, only time will tell. Also I am actually excited about
    Wintzell's Oyster House opening, but horribly disappointed that I will no longer be living in town. Boy, will i miss my south.

    You read the article, eat the food, and make your own decision:

    February 9, 2009

    Taste the Colors of the Rainbow

    So, I've been wanting to make rainbow cupcakes for a few weeks now. I was calling out the inner child. Every time I unwrap one of these bad boys I find myself yelling for my roommate to come look at the different color infusions. Pretty sure he's ready to kick me out.