August 28, 2008

Pizza Roll and Easy Mac are not my cup of tea

Tonight I made jane a quick dinner. Whoever said that college kids only eat junk food is semi wrong. Pizza Rolls and Easy Mac are more of a 'I'm really drunk and I need to cook something without burning the apartment down' sorta food. Besides...I am not your typical college student.

Would you consider me domestic?

I've been skirmishing anti-marriage viewpoints and being just down right domestic for many years now. For example: I adore cooking for people. I am even more obsessed with having someone familiar around to share in my cooking experimentations. On the flip side I am horrible at cleaning. I once had an ex-boyfriend point out how careless and haphazard my dusting skills were. That was obviously a hit and miss. On that note I shared chili, and apple pie with friends. If I fail miserably at everything else, at least I know I am good at throwing dinner parties. Right?

Plum Cobbler

Did you know: The fruit Prunus armeniaca gained its name from the beliefs of Pliny the Elder, a Roman historian and scientist of the 1st century, who maintained that the apricot was a kind of a plum, and had originally come from Armenia. Armenian sources support their claims by referring to a 6,000-year-old apricot pit found in an archaeological site near Yerevan. Other historians point that Mesopotamia as a clue to the Latin name. Apricots were cultivated in Mesopotamia, and it was known as armanu in the Akkadian language.

This was quick and easy, a sure favorite for those with a sweet tooth. I mixed it with granula and ate it for breakfast. Enjoy!

recipe here