January 30, 2008

History in the making

A brief history of myself: I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii a few moments before midnight. Being a ‘military brat,’ I grew up on the stunning beaches of an island, played cowboys and Indians in the dry wastelands of Death Valley and finally ended up in the sleepy south of Alabama. I’ve spent most of my existence passionate about food, tourism and people. I started out my college career in psychology at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Then, finally my junior year, I transferred to the Restaurant and Hotel Management program at the University of Alabama and am graduating in December. As my graduation present, I will be doing a tour of Italy and am currently learning Italian. For the past year I have worked in the kitchen of Depalma’s and am now working with a class as a caterer at the University Club. What I want out of the future is broad, but nevertheless, I’d like a decent career centered on my passions and hopefully a happy family.

Information on other corespondents soon to come...

A sandwich to keep the vampires away

Where do I begin? I paid downtown Northport a visit to eat at the famed City CafĂ©. Upon my arrival, I found the wait to be a tad unreasonable. Instead of standing in line with all those perspiring, ambitious individuals, I strolled over to The Globe to check out their lunch specials. After eating an enchanting lunch with good company, an idea struck me: I would never recommend this sandwich to anyone on a ‘first’ date. It was delicious and messy, and the aroma of garlic could be smelled from the other side of town. Do not even get me started on the onions and basil that seemed to be mostly found on my lap at the end of my meal. Though the sandwich was a remarkable variation of the classic grilled cheese, there was a bit more information that needed to be specified before ordering this menu item. Being a senior in the University of Alabama’s Restaurant and Hotel Management program, working in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant and simply spending roughly all my life fixated on food, I thought Tuscaloosa needed a laid-back, amusing assessment of restaurants, events and food in the surrounding areas. I may not have the credentials of a bad-tempered NYC food critic, but I can relate to the target market and of course make your eating out ventures a bit more agreeable.

 For those cute date goers wanting to stay away from a messy ending with no kiss the sandwich I ordered was “The Globe Grilled Cheese - Smoked pablano chilies, red onions, fresh tomatoes and Fontina cheese on multi-grain bread with mayonnaise and garlic vinaigrette. Grilled in cilantro compound butter.If you really do not care what your company thinks of you, or should I say smells of you – go for it!